Heating & Air Conditioning Plymouth, MN: Thermostat Tips for Savings

That thermostat on your wall may be small, but it is a powerful tool. It’s responsible for controlling your indoor air quality and environment. This is especially true for newer thermostats that allow homeowners to tweak temperatures to create a perfect home environment without much effort. Understanding how this piece of equipment works is integral to optimum heating & air conditioning in Plymouth, MN. Not only does this enable you to customize comfort, but thorough understanding lets you evaluate if your thermostat is effectively meeting your needs. It also allows you to maximize your heating and conditioning system to save some dollars off your utility bills.

Thermostat ABCs

Your thermostat works by measuring your home’s internal temperature and comparing it to the level you have set. If there’s a difference between the two, it triggers your HVAC system to cool or heat your home until the comfort level you desire is reached.


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