AC Repair Experts Share Some Problems and Quick Fixes that You Can Do

Faulty heating and air conditioning systems can cause a lot of discomfort, especially during the peak times of both winter and summer. You have to be alert when you notice that your system is not working as it should be. That way, you can address the problem immediately, preventing it from getting worse. Here are some common signs that your air conditioning may be having problems.

Unable to Turn On

There are two possible reasons why an air conditioning unit isn’t turning on. For one, the thermostat isn’t set properly and the other is that the unit isn’t receiving power. As a remedy, you can try setting the thermostat to AC or “cool” and make sure that the temperature setting is working fine. The thermostat’s battery should also be in good condition for it to run smoothly. You can also check the circuit breaker for a tripped fuse.


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